Are we still preparing the next generation with the methods of the past? The digital revolution has swept the world but ironically our education system still has rituals of the past in practice. Like making a child carry on their tender backs kilos of textbooks or letting the blackboard rule. It’s time we moved to a future where learning is not a burden but a joyous exploration. It’s time to move to tablet solutions powered by IGNITOR. Where many books, ideas, concepts come together to make the learning experience holistic and inspiring.

Working with all the key stakeholders, the student, the parent and the education institution, IGNITOR is harnessing digital technology, new age resources, new learning methods and efficient device integration to deliver the education system of the future, today.

Know more about the multidimensional and multilevel impact of this platform. Seek inspiration from our trusted partners who have already moved ahead to become part of this future learning ecosystem.

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