Who We Are

Edutor Technologies was founded in 2009 with the aim of leveraging emerging mobile & touchscreen technology in Education. Incubated out of RTBI in IIT Madras, we are one of the leading Ed Tech companies emerging out if India.
We have been assiduously working to transform the education landscape in the country. Our core offering IGNITOR, has enabled several institutions to move to the future of learning effectively with robust on site implementation. We have strong relationships with all the leading publishers - we work on addressing some of their technology needs and expand their digital business.
Our key strength is our technology team – cutting edge engineering talent with expertise in emerging technologies, creativity and design. This combined with our passion for learning, deep publisher/ academia relationships and strong service & delivery orientation firmly positions Edutor as an emerging leader in the Digital Learning space.

What we Do

Our core offering is the IGNITOR Platform. IGNITOR delivers "next generation Digital Textbooks". A "mobile first" platform it is the leader in 1:1 deployments in India and is offered individually and as part of completer solution to academic institutions.

We cater to 3 different segments:
  • K12: schools that would like to take their learning to the next level with 1:1 deployments
  • Higher Ed: institutions seeking to simplify and enhance courseware delivery to their students
  • Test Prep: institutions that seek to widen their reach by delivering impactful courses & Distance Learning Programs (DLPs)
As a company based in India, we are the market-leaders within the Indian sub-continent. We are now expanding globally with active student deployments in the Middle East & South Africa and strategic engagements with large customers in USA and UK.

Customers and Partners over the last decade