The Ignitor Learning app is a Learning Experience Platform that allows Publishers, Schools or Test Prep institutions to publish digital learning content to students. With the B2B flavor of our app, teachers can carry out class activities as well.

Ignitor for Tablets

An app that is ideal for learning on tablets and practicing online tests in school labs.


Mobile, Tablets




Cloud, SD cards


Students, Teachers, School

Enrollment Channel



PDF, ePub, Video, Audio, HTML


Analytics & Reports (Usage, Performance)

Assessments (Online)

Content Consumption (eBooks)


Study Tools (Notes, Bookmarks, Highlights, Annotations)

Other (for Publishers)

Advanced Analytics (Usage, Content Consumption)

Ignitor X

An app that is ideal as a Learning Experience Platform in schools and after class.


Mobile, Tablets, PC, Android TV


Android, Web Browsers


Cloud, SD Cards


Students, Teachers, School, Publisher

Enrollment Channel

B2B, B2C


PDF, Video, Audio, HTML, PPT, Word


Advanced Analytics & Reports (Usage, Performance)

Assessments & Homework (Online, Pen & Paper)

Content Consumption (eBooks, Courses)

Create & Manage Classes, Students, Teachers

Library and Book Resources

Live Classes Organizer & Attendance

Lesson Plan



Study Tools (Notes Bookmarks)

Content Management (for Publishers)

Upload content (PDF, Audio, Video, HTML)

Create Courses and eBooks

Author assessments

Define Content Visibility Rules for Students, Teachers, Schools

Setup Subscriptions/Licenses for Students, Teachers, Schools

Other (for Publishers)

Advanced Analytics (Usage, Content Consumption)

Messages (In-App, Push Notifications)

Share Supplementary Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

We gathered the answers to some popular questions below.
If you can’t find your question below feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

Do you ship locked tablets?

Yes, we have partnerships with Lenovo and Scalefusion MDM to setup tablets in kiosk mode. This allows schools to offer a tablet-based learning program within schools with the IGNITOR Learning app pre-installed on the tablets.

Read our white-paper on tablet-implementations.

Does the IGNITOR Learning app work in an offline mode?

Yes, the IGNITOR learning apps can read content from SD cards that are pre-loaded with learning content that has been encrypted via our Content Management System. Alternatively, we also support offline viewing of learning content that has been downloaded from our Cloud servers.

Will Publishers need to share their content with Edutor?

The IGNITOR X learning app includes a Content Management System (CMS) that allows Editorial teams to create eBooks or Courses themselves, by uploading digital content directly onto the app. All content uploaded on the CMS is stored on Amazon AWS servers, including any of your own accounts.

However, if the Publisher would like for Edutor to upload content on their behalf, we do offer that as an optional service.

Are feature enhancements available without an additional fee?

Yes, product enhancements will be rolled out to all white-labeled apps once a new feature has been introduced in the IGNITOR Learning app. Customer will be notified prior to the rollout of enhancements. Additionally, if a customer would prefer that the rollout of certain enhancements be delayed on their white-labelled apps, we do support such requests.

Is our content secure on the IGNITOR Learning app?

Yes, all content stored on Amazon AWS servers is encrypted and so is the content available for viewing from the IGNITOR Learning app. Our product security has been assessed by a 3rd party Cybersecurity firm as recently as June, 2023 and the assessment reports can be shared with you upon request.

Do you have an iOS app?

At the moment, we do not offer an iOS app.

What’s inside?